Putting the pieces in placeMaverick Management and Design Group has over 20 years of experience in operating, managing, and consulting all aspects of ski areas. Our experiences have developed an understanding of the demands, the needs, and the challenges of ski areas:   the high fixed overhead costs, the less than favorable weather conditions, the on-average shorter operating seasons, the high employee turnover, the value of staff training, the products offered, the niche marketing, and the magnitude of the customer’s experience.

Small, Medium and Large Ski Areas are All Important to the Ski Industry's Survival

Let us help you to make your business a success whether you are . . .
ooking to upgrade your infrastructure but not sure where to start.
Needing to perform
 maintenance but do not have the qualified staff.
Missing the sales goals and over spending on your budget.

Maverick Management knows the sports industry has high fixed operating costs so every dollar spent must be maximized.  Our mission: to better utilize the money you are already spending by eliminating unnecessary costs; creating the best customer experience possible; training your most valuable asset, your employees; coordinating efforts to attain your goals; and ensuring you get the best price for equipment, products and services you are purchasing.

Our expertise in managing recreational facilities can help tackle your challenges, save you time and money, and put you on the path for a financially successful future.